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pixel trans, Equestrian clothing
pixel trans, Equestrian clothing



Horse Equipment at Dogwood


At Dogwood, we aim to bring together the very best horse equipment the equestrian industry has to offer. This has led to an ever growing collection of innovative, functional and superb quality products to keep you and your horse on top of your game, whatever discipline you are interested in.


For the dressage rider, we know that looks mean everything, which is why we have selected some of the most prestigious dressage brands for both horse and rider.  For your mount, choose from our beautifully crafted selection of Stubben and Frank Baines horse tack which are made from the finest leather grains. To ensure your horse dazzles on the day, choose from our collection of NAF shampoos and show shine to make their coat really shimmer.

To make certain you also look the part, browse our range of Kentucky clothing championed by top dressage riders Andrew Gould, Carl Hester and Anky Van Grunsven. Teamed with a pair of Konig boots and a Charles Owen Beagler hat, you will be sure to look and feel like a winner.

Show Jumping

If however show jumping is more your thing, the De Niro and Sergio Grasso range of leather boots are likely to be more to your liking. Made of high quality calf skin leather, both ranges are equally popular with amateur and top show jumpers alike and will be sure to add an extra spring to your step.

To keep your top class jumper in prime condition, NAF's range of horse supplements will ensure that your horse remains cool and calm under pressure with their Bute-free blend of natural herbs and minerals.


Fast and demanding, eventing is all about functionality. That is why De Niro and Sergio Grasso's laced boots are always a hit due to the added flexibility they allow in the foot.

As one of the most dangerous equestrian disciplines, eventing requires tough safety gear that is up to the challenge. Endorsed by the likes of top eventer Mark King, the Gatehouse HS1 skull is a common sight on the cross country field thanks to it conforming to the highest safety standards.

Eventing is exacting for the rider, but even more demanding for the horse, so a good set of boots are essential for keeping your horse's legs protected from any knocks or brushes. N.E.W's range of boots especially designed for eventers are light and breathable but hard enough to help keep your horse's legs safe and sound.

Leisure Riding

If however you are more of a 'happy hacker' who enjoys a relaxing ride through the countryside without the worries of training and competitions, we have plenty of horse equipment and rider clothing perfect for leisure riding.

At Dogwood we always strive to seek out the products which offer the best value for money without compromising on style or quality.

For more information about any of our products or just for some helpful advice, feel free to give the Dogwood team a call on 0845 3010365.