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Hunt Jackets

Hunt Jackets

Following hounds on horse back through the beautiful countryside is a sport which has captured the hearts of many through the centuries. From the young to the old, hunting creates a lifestyle for many country lovers, bringing together a passion which has held together many generations.

A hunt coat is a piece of equestrian clothing to last you a lifetime. A tradition that's filled with history and passion brings etiquette and clothing to feel and look the part. Whether you are on the search for a women’s hunt jacket or a men’s hunt jacket, a traditional wool hunt coat is the answer for those chilly days out on the field.

Etiquette and attire is an important part of the sport and there is no doubt that the turnout of the rider needs to be exceptional. Unless you are high up in the hunting fraternity and have been awarded your 'hunt button' you don’t want to be seen wearing a red hunt coat; a black or navy wool hunt jacket such as the Caldene Roxburgh Hunt Coat keeps the chill out on those cold winter mornings.

The Caldene Wessex Men’s and Ladies Jacket and the Dogwood Hunt Jacket have been made to make an impression on the hunting ground. With traditional British design and crafted in the finest materials, by investing in a durable yet beautiful piece of equestrian clothing you will get years of classic sporting style.

For Autumn hunting, a period known as 'cubbing', the dress code differs slightly, the formal hunting dress at this time is known as 'ratcatcher, which refers to the tweed jackets that are worn.  Dogwood's Petworth Jacket, Cowdray and Midhurst tweeds would be ideal for hunting during the cubbing season.

At Dogwood, all our pieces have been finely selected to give you the crème de la crème of equestrian products. We know it’s important to have quality pieces of equestrian apparel and equestrian clothing to help feel your best while in and out of the saddle.

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