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Riding Gloves


Riding gloves at the Dogwood saddlery

Riding gloves come in many styles, colours, shapes and sizes; with all this wealth of choice it is often hard to make a decision upon which glove to purchase. Go for a cheap, inexpensive pair and you may find that it lasts for a month or so, then deteriorates so you end up having to buy another pair. Purchase a quality pair, like the Roeckl Chester and it will endure all of the day to day rigours that you put it though.

The horse riding gloves that we stock at the Dogwood tack shop are all fine examples of quality, hard wearing, high grip, dexterous gloves for horse riders of any level. It is our belief that it is not necessary to have an overwhelming choice of gloves that essentially all serve the same purpose, so at Dogwood we present to you a refined collection of the finest riding gloves in the equestrian world. Heading this is the Roeckl riding glove.

Roeckl gloves are renowned throughout the world and are used by amateurs and professionals alike. Their attention to detail, quality of materials and craftsmanship sets them out from the rest, and it is for this reason that - despite intense competition in the riding glove market - they remain as a steadfast piece of riding apparel for thousands of riders across the world.

The most popular glove that Roeckl craft is the Roeckl Chester. The Dogwood saddlery has the full range of Roeckl Chester gloves in a number or colours and sizes, just click on the Roeckl Chester for more information.

Alternatively, for times when ultra high grip is necessary, you cannot go wrong with Roeckl Cross Country glove. The extra-grippy surface provides ultimate traction in the reins so even if you have got wet going through the water jump, your grip on the reins will not suffer.

Riding Gloves, riding apparel and horse tack at Dogwood

Dogwood stock a wide collection of horse tack and riding apparel from some of the biggest names in the equestrian world. It is our belief, our raison d'etre, to provide goods that are unequalled in their sphere, so you know if you are shopping at the Dogwood saddlery you are buying with confidence.

Whether it is riding gloves, riding jackets, riding boots, dressage shirt, saddles or bridles you are after, the Dogwood tack shop has something to suit all tastes and budgets.

For more information about anything in the Dogwood collection please feel free to give one of our friendly and knowledgeable team a call on 0845 30 10 365.

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