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Riding hats in the Dogwood Collection

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of the riding hat. Any rider, whether top professional or happy hacker, should never be on a horse without one.

Saying that, it is unfortunate but no less true that some people still opt to school their horses or even go out for a hack without a riding helmet on, and it is this ‘laissez faire’ attitude that can so often lead to accidents and injury. There is absolutely no point taking the risk of riding without a helmet. What’s more, riding hats have come along way over the last few years with fashionable styles and breathability all coming to the fore; there’s no excuse for not wearing one.

At the Dogwood Saddlery we are specialist retailers of the foremost brands of riding hats – Charles Owen, GPA, Gatehouse and HKM.

Finest range of riding hats at Dogwood London

Worn by top show jumpers like Ellen Whitaker, Charles Owen has been setting the standard for all others to follow year upon year. They are a name that is synonymous with safety; all Charles Owen riding hats endure rigorous safety checks to ensure they can bear the renowned Charles Owen name.

GPA's unique fashionable design is copied by many but never matched. You’ll be hard pushed to go to any show jumping competition and not find someone with a GPA riding hat on; they are now the hat of choice for the style hungry show jumping fraternity.

HKM riding hats are not only excellent value, but innovative too. With their ventilation holes and soft padded lining, their hats will keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days. With a three point safety system their hats will not only keep you comfy but safe as well.

Gatehouse riding helmets are stylish and professional. Mixing traditional styles with modern technology, their hats will help you look professional without compromising on safety or comfort.

Riding hats at Dogwood London

If you want to peruse and choose from a selection of the finest riding hats on the market, then look no further than the Dogwood London riding hat page. Here you will find a selection of hats for all disciplines and all ages; from the Charles Owen Beagler, for hunting, to the eye catching GPA Titium for all you show jumpers out there. Whatever your requirements, Dogwood's assortment of modern and traditional hats are sure to meet and surpass your needs.

Should you have any questions regarding our riding hats or any other products in the Dogwood collection, please do not hesitate to get in contact by calling 0845 30 10 365.

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