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Safety Equipment


Safety Equipment



The Dogwood equestrian collection - equestrian safety equipment

Body protectors are a very important part of equestrian safety equipment and many riders use one every time they take their horse out. A body protector is a vest filled with foam that helps to absorb an impact, such as would be sustained in a fall from horseback or a kick from a horse.

They come in three categories of use:

  • Black label. These body protectors offer the least protection and are only used by professional jockeys.
  • Brown label. These body protectors offer medium protection and are suitable for only very low-risk riding on soft surfaces.
  • Purple label. These body protectors offer the highest level of protection and are recommended for most riding situations, including competing and exercising on hard surfaces. It can help to reduce the degree of bruising and soft tissue injury sustained, as well as warding against fractured ribs.

A body protector will not necessarily prevent all injury but can help to reduce the severity of it. As such, it is important for a rider to wear a protector whenever they are at risk of falling or a kick injury.

A body protector should not be bought second hand as it may have been involved in an accident, making it ineffective. If a body protector sustains a severe impact or once it reaches 3 years old, it should be replaced as the protection it offers is likely to be reduced.

Equestrian safety equipment at Dogwood

Body protectors are just part of the excellent range of equestrian safety equipment available at Dogwood. We also have fine quality riding hats and reflective whips to keep you safe whilst riding.



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