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The luxurious leather saddles at Dogwood London


When purchasing a leather saddle, be it Stubben or Frank Baines, you want to ensure it is not only suited to you and your horse but also to the discipline that you are wishing to use it for. There would be no point buying a dressage saddle to go jumping in, just as much there would be no point buying a jumping saddle to go and do dressage in. This is down to the way leather saddles are individually made to suit one discipline over the other.

This individuality is prominent in all design aspects, the way the saddle panels are cut, the position of the knee rolls and thigh blocks as well as the lengths and types of leather material used in the saddle’s crafting.

To get a thorough understanding pertaining to the differences in saddle styles, this piece will look at three Stubben saddles for three distinct uses, Jumping, Dressage and General Purpose work.


Leather jumping saddle

The Stubben Genesis CS de Luxe leather jumping saddle is characterised by its forward cut, double leather saddle flaps, semi-flat half deep seat, short panel rib, high styled knee block and rear thigh block. All these attributes are put in place to afford maximum security and positional effectiveness for the horse rider that wants to jump.

The forward cut is put in place so when your stirrups are shorter you still have some saddle area for your knees to rest against, the double leather ensures you are comfortable on top of your saddle and the semi-flat half deep seat gives the security you want in a deep seat but the advantage of being able to shift your weight back when you are folding your body over a jump. The short panel rib allows maximum close contact between you and the horse for effective use of the aids, and the knee and thigh blocks help to keep your legs secure and in position when jumping over fences.

The Stubben Genesis CS de Luxe is a culmination of all the attributes one wants and needs in a jumping saddle.

Leather dressage saddle

The Stubben Genesis dressage saddle is characterised by its extra deep seat, straight cut panels, short panel rib, hinged knee rolls, layered padded front and the unique detailing to back of the seat. The dressage saddle is designed to allow the dressage rider to ride long in the stirrups and have maximum close contact to use the aids correctly.

The Stubben Genesis in particular has significant features such as a hinged knee roll that flexes to the horse's movement and ensures a close feel is achieved between you and the horse. It also has stunning aesthetically pleasing stitch work and a short panel rib which allows the saddle to lie in an optimum position uniquely close to the horse.

Leather general purpose saddle

A general purpose leather saddle can loosely be described as a saddle that is suited to a wide variety of equestrian disciplines. It is good for those that enjoy horse riding and like to have a go at dressage, jumping and hacking but do not wish to spend the money on individual saddles that are especially suited to each discipline. The pros are that you only need one saddle; the cons are the saddles are not suited to competing at a high level as its features do not give you the feeling and security that you need to jump large fences or compete at high level dressage competitions.

Two of the best general purpose saddles are the Stubben Siegfried VSD and the Stubben Roxane VSS. The Siegfried VSD is a G/P saddle that has an emphasis on dressage but can be used to hack and jump at low levels. The flap style is slightly curved to enable jumping in longer stirrups but is more inclined to suite dressage riders. On the other hand, the Roxane VSS has a more forward cut panel but not quite as forward cut as a pure jumping saddle. It has a deep seat to aid security and layered padded fronts to mould around the leg. Again, the Roxane VSS is suited to the G/P rider whose interest favours jumping over dressage.


Our range of gorgeous leather saddles

With a wealth of experience in the equestrian market Dogwood London has the ability to match you up to your ideal saddle for you and your horse.

Whether it’s a Stubben or Frank Baines saddle you are after, we make it our job in life to offer you the ultimate saddle-buying experience. We want you to be as happy with your saddle, as we are providing it to you.

For more information on the Dogwood London collection and our range of gorgeous leather saddles from please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 30 10 365.


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