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Dressage Saddles

Dogwood London’s dressage saddles


There are certain attributes that are of paramount importance when looking for a suitable dressage saddle, whether it is a Frank Baines, Stubben or Kieffer dressage saddle that you are after. These necessary attributes are a deep seat and a straight cut saddle flap, and without these the rider is not able to achieve the necessary position to effectively use their leg and seat aids.

The dressage saddles in the Dogwood Collection all share these common traits as well as individual characteristics that ensure they stand out from the ever baying crowd of young saddle pretenders out there. Take for example the short panel rib and unique anatomical front block on the Stubben Genesis; the distinctive design means that the saddle flap is able to bend and shape round the horse’s side so the rider can achieve the ultimate in close contact control.

Then there’s the Frank Baines Reflex Dressage which has a single flap and contoured Velcro knee blocks so not only are you able to get that bit closer to your horse but also have the flexibility to change the knee blocks to suit your own riding style and comfort.

A typical dressage saddle is crafted from black leather which gives the outward appearance of formalised style and refined elegance. However, more and more horse riders are wanting to stand out from the crowd so choose a saddle that matches their horse's coat and tack accessories. The dressage saddles at Dogwood London come in a range of colours, from traditional black, to ebony and Havana. The children’s Juventus dressage saddle even comes with fancy Havana stitching to add a youthful flair for the young dressage enthusiast.

What’s more, a number of our saddles are crafted from double leather, which not only gives you added grip but is also supremely comfortable to ride in.

Dressage saddles at Dogwood London

The range of leather dressage saddles in the Dogwood London collection is a refined collaboration between Stubben, Frank Baines and Kieffer to bring to you the best of what each saddle manufacturer has to offer.

It is not our belief to bamboozle you with a huge array of saddles; our raison d’etre is to bring you the best in quality, style and craftsmanship so we have selected the finest models from the finest manufacturers.

For more information about any saddle or manufacturer in the Dogwood London collection do not hesitate to pick up the phone and dial 0845 30 10 365 to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated team.

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