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Jumping Saddles

Jumping saddles at Dogwood London

A Stubben, Kieffer or Frank Baines jumping saddle, whether for eventing, show jumping, hunter trials, working hunter or purely for leisure riding purposes, is a must have if you want to get over a jump safely and securely. The anatomical design and shape of a jumping saddle is characterised by its forward cut flaps, semi-deep or flat seat and knee and thigh blocks which are optimally placed to keep the rider in a stable and secure position both over jumps and on the flat. Frank Baines, Stubben and Kieffer jumping saddles all share the aforementioned attributes; however, there are also numerous variations between individual jumping saddles and likewise, individual saddle manufacturers.

Such variations relate to the type of leather that is used to craft the saddle, this can range from traditional embossed cowhide to calf leather and special soft and supple grippy double leather. Other variants include the positioning and shape of the knee and thigh blocks, the shape and depth of the seat, the type of flocking in the seat and panel padding.

If these choices weren't enough, there is also a multiplicity of saddle colours, including black, Havana, honey, ebony, tobacco and chocco to name but a few.

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