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Youth Saddles

Youth saddles at Dogwood London

Dogwood London caters for all equestrian enthusiasts, whether professional or amateur, dressage aficionado, eventer or showjumper, and young and old alike. When it comes to saddles for the little’uns, it is unfortunate that quite often saddle manufacturers will just create smaller versions of existing saddles. However, there are a certain few who do that extra bit and have saddles crafted and designed particularly for the youth market.

Stubben has always been a leader in the junior and youth saddle field and this it is for this reason that we are proud to feature its Juventus and Laurus saddles as part of the Dogwood saddle collection. Stubben Laurus saddles are aimed at the child market; they come in a range of stunning colours with detailed styling together an eye catching embossed horse on the saddle panel. What’s more, unlike other youth saddles they do not suppose to undermine the effectiveness or skill or the youth rider.

They are, in fact, a GP saddle that has design emphasis on a particular discipline, be it either dressage or jumping. The Laurus is bound to be loved by any and every child. The Laurus D is a deep seated dressage cross GP child’s saddle. It has specialist knee rolls which help to maintain leg stability as well as helping to channel the child's leg into the correct position so they can effectively use their leg aids. Likewise, the Laurus S has a deep, stable and secure seat with large knee and thigh blocks to place your child in the optimum safety position both on the flat and over the jumps. Stubben Juventus youth saddles are the next step up from the Laurus’ and are aimed at the early to mid teen category.

This slightly larger saddle caters for that step up in height and the styling reflects a more contemporary young adult age category. The Juventus D, with its distinctive front Havana trim, is the ideal youth saddle for those young riders who are looking to take up dressage and want their saddle to reflect their own youthful flair and love for life. Its deep seat will really help to get them sitting into the movement and help to gain a good understanding and feeling of how the pony is moving underneath them.

The embossed cowhide of the Juventus S is crafted with a square cantle and front and rear blocks that make the rider feel safe and secure. Whether it’s a buzzy little show jumping pony or a pony club eventer, the Juventus S makes a statement not merely in looks but in quality and positional effectiveness.

Youth saddles for every young rider Whether it’s a saddle for your child or the little adult of the family, the Stubben youth saddles on offer at Dogwood London are tried and tested favourites, catering especially for the smaller rider.

Should you want to know any more about the youth saddles on offer at Dogwood London, or any other saddles or goods on our website, be it a jumping or dressage saddle or one of our beautiful Stubben bridles, then please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0845 30 10 365.

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