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Fly Sheets


Fly sheets for a fly free summer

Flies and midges can be just as irritating to your horse as they are to humans. Owners of sweet itch prone horses often have to resort to stabling their steeds during the summer months in a bid to beat the bugs. However, our selection of fly sheets offers your horse the greatest protection from these winged critters. We have specially selected the finest quality fly sheets that will keep your horse fly-free during the summer months.

The Horseware Rambo 'Fly Buster' is at the pinnacle of fly busting technology. Treated with Permethrin, a man made version of an insect repellant found in certain types of chrysanthemums, this rug has the superior design and fit that you will have come to expect from Rambo rugs.

The Horseware Rambo sweet itch hoody is a blessing for both horse and owner of a sweet itch sufferer. Specially designed with sweet itch suffering horses in mind, it is made from tough 1000 Denier Polyester making it extremely durable yet fully breathable. Its innovative Surefit neck design, unique 'V' shaped front closure and revolutionary Rambo leg arches with third surcingle allows the rug to wrap around the horse for extra fly coverage without compromising on freedom of movement.

Every horse owner has felt the frustration of returning to their turned out horse to find its rug in tatters. The HKM fly sheet with extended neck helps prevent against this with its special ant-tear fabric. With neck section, extra long sides and tail guard, your horse is sure to stay fly free.

If you are looking for a rug that offers dual protection against sweet itch and eczema than the HKM Sweet itch/ Eczema rug is the rug of choice. Machine washable, this rug is simply hassle free. Available in both black and white, its Velcro fastening makes it effortless to put on and take off.

Whichever fly sheet you decide on, you can be sure it will give your horse superb protection against flies this summer.

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Mark Todd Fly Ultra Neck Cover Only  * Sale/Clearance item *

Mark Todd Fly Ultra Neck Cover Only * Sale/Clearance item *

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