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Pony Rugs

Pony Rugs


Ponies are known for being tough in the winter with our native breeds battling the British weather for years. However, with our ponies workloads increasing and the clippers coming out, they are in need of a helping hand to keep warm. 

Pony Stable Rugs

The winter can be a hard time for ponies and a good Pony stable rug is a must have. Ponies are standing still in their stables meaning they are generating less heat combined with the fall of temperature at night.

A normal horse rug which hasn’t been fitted properly can fit awkwardly and rub on your ponies shoulders. The Mark Todd medium weight pony rug has been made with the same quality as a bigger rug with features such as re-enforced nylon anti-rub shoulders and fleece wither protection for the ultimate fit and comfort for your pony. The pony stable rug is a perfect solution to keeping your pony warm and comfortable while in his or her stable.

Turnout Rugs

Ponies are known for getting themselves covered in mud during the winter months and grooming their winter coats can be a long task. Investing in a pony turnout rug, whether that’s lightweight, mediumweight or heavyweight can tick multiple boxes of keeping them warm, clean and dry all year round. The Mark Todd mediumweight pony turnout rug is just the solution.

Dogwood Pony Rugs

At Dogwood, we have a selection of pony rugs to suit all shapes and sizes with a large choice of colours at a competitive price.

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