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Horse Tack


Exceptional horse tack at Dogwood London


The amount of horse tack one needs is very much dependent on the level you compete at and your chosen discipline, as well as the amount of horses you ride.  There are certain staple accoutrements that one needs in order to enjoy horse riding to the full.

They are as follows:


A good quality leather horse bridle, whether cavesson, French, flash or grackle is an important piece of horse tack, especially given that it is your primary means of controlling your horse. With variations in noseband attachment, a bridle whether Stubben, Equippe, Mark Todd or Amerigo is the perfect choice to add class and an unparalleled quality of craftsmanship to your horse tack collection.


With regards to girths, we have a selection of beautifully fitted girths, including stud girths and dressage girths.  Our selection includes leather, synthetic and even trevira cord girths.


One of the safest and most elegant pieces of everyday horse tack is a leather headcollar. Whether it is padded or unpadded a leather head collar should be high on your list of essential horse equipment.

Grooming kits

To keep your horse spick and span, the grooming kit is a vital piece of equestrian equipment. The Stablekit children's grooming kit and bag makes the perfect present to any young horse enthusiast. The Stablekit stablemate standard grooming kit has everything a horse owner needs to keep their steed looking spotless.


An obvious necessity, reins are needed to control and direct the horse while you are on top. Therefore, choosing a good quality set of reins is essential. The Stubben 5/8\" plain leather reins are made from the finest, most luxurious leather and as they are available in a range of colours, you can find the perfect match for your horse tack. For reins with a bit of flair, the Stubben 5/8" plaited leather reins may be more suited with their intricate design adding greater strength and flexibility.

Riding crops

The horse whip should be used purely to correct your horse while riding and should never be used to punish or harm your horse. The Mark Todd braided leather riding whip is a great all round whip for general riding. The HKM Jumping whip with golden handle on the other hand has been specially designed for jumping with its extra long length and hand loop to ensure the whip does not get dropped on the course.

Stirrup irons and stirrup leathers

To keep your foot in the correct position a good quality pair of Stirrups and Stirrup Irons are a must.   Stubben have masterminded the Fillis Offset Stirrup Iron which tilts the knee towards the saddle. Available in different colours, the Stubben - NT Stirrup Leathers make the perfect accompaniment and are guaranteed never to stretch.

Martingales and breastplates

A useful addition to your horse tack collection would be a breastplate or martingale. These act as safety aids to prevent the horse from throwing its head up and possibly injuring the rider.

Numnahs and saddlepads

Numnahs or saddlepads are horse tack essentials. Stubben and Nuumed make a great range of numnahs and saddlepads, with qualities to suit all individuals and disciplines

Horse boots and bandages

To protect and support your horse's legs during exercise or while in transit, horse boots and bandages are vital for keeping your horse sound. Packaged in sets of four, Jumper's exercise bandages are elasticated with a hook and loop fastening making them easy to don and doff.  We also have a range of studs and stud kits to cater for all types of surfaces.

To protect your horse's legs while they are in transit, we have a range of travel boots which are a must with their dirt resistant, breathable, durable and protective qualities.


Fine leather horse tack at Dogwood London


With an outstanding collection of horse tack ranging from bridles to girths and numnahs to horse boots, Dogwood offers you the ultimate in horse riding equipment. Our collection spans a wide range of equestrian disciplines so whether dressage, show jumping or eventing is your preferred activity – or you just enjoy general riding – we have something for you.

Our exclusive collection off horse tack includes prestigious names such as Stubben, Mark Todd, Frank Baines, Equippe and Amerigo.  You can be assured that you will be getting nothing but the very best no matter which product you select.

For more information on any of our items of horse tack please do not hesitate to get in contact by calling 0845 30 10 365.


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