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Finest horse bridles collection


When purchasing a leather bridle for your horse you want to ensure it is of the best quality – in leather, craftsmanship, fit, looks, as well as cost. Our premium range of horse bridles meets all these criteria and more. With world leading horse tack brands such as EQvvs, Schockemohle, Rhinegold, MarkTodd and Frank Baines you can be sure that you will find only the best bridles at Dogwood.


The Leather:

The brands we have selected only use top quality leather. Stubben bridles are crafted from full grain, vegetable tanned and aniline dyed leather resulting in a bridle that is exceptionally hardwearing as well as soft, supple and gorgeous to look at.

Both Mark Todd and Frank Baines bridles are made from English leather, so you can rest assured that they will be of the highest quality and extremely long lasting. Most bridles are made from English Sedgewick leather, a name known internationally for its quality and use of the only the most superior cuts of leather.


As you would expect from bridles in our horse tack range, the proof is in the detail and it is without doubt that all our leather bridles live up to expectation. The ornate stitching on the Mark Todd deluxe padded stitched bridle with crank/flash noseband gives a beautiful finish to this exquisite piece of handiwork and will ensure that your horse will look a cut above the rest.

The Stubben 3200 'Wicklow' chain link browband bridle has a unique decorative browband with a coloured inlay and a silver chain link laid over it. Available in either blue or red, this attention to detail, so typical of Stubben craftsmanship, brings a hint of colour to your horse's tack.


There should be no problem with getting one of our leather bridles to fit any shape or size of horse. Most bridles are available in cob and full sizes and some are available in pony and extra full size. With the fit being one of the most important aspects in purchasing a bridle for your horse, be sure to specify what size you are after when ordering from the Dogwood collection.


A quality bridle, although not cheap, will last for years and years. When you are looking at buying one of our beautiful bridles, you are not merely buying a piece of horse tack, you are buying into a brand that has been specially chosen for its excellence in every step of manufacture and crafting.


Bridles at Dogwood London

It has always been our aim, our raison d'etre, to bring you the finest horse tack available, and our association with top brands has allowed us to build a collection of some of the finest horse bridles around.

For more information on our bridles or any other items in the Dogwood London collection please feel free to call us on 0845 30 10 36

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