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Headcollars & Halters

Headcollars, Halters and lead reins at Dogwood

It goes without saying that horse headcollars and halters are an essential item of horse tack; without them, there is little chance of you being able to lead your horse out of the stable, tack him up or lead him in and out of the horsebox. So why choose a head collar from the Dogwood tack shop?

This question can be summed up in one word: Quality. Our head collars are from top brands such as Stubben and Mark Todd and as such they are without equal. Stubben is not merely a brand, its practically an institution, with a heritage of products spanning over a hundred years and a loyal customer base that is spread all over the world. This loyalty is most evident with the sheer amount of people who have tried Stubben once, and have never gone back.

Stubben's head collars and halters are available in two different styles, the Stubben unpadded headcollar and the padded Stubben headcollar, so - dependent upon your wants and needs - you can have a head collar to match. As well as this, each version is available in different colour combinations, so whether it's a head collar to complement your horse's coat or a halter to suit your existing horse tack, you are assured to find a corresponding colour.

Lastly, to travel your horse in optimum comfort, the Dogwood saddlery provides you with the new NuuMed woollen head collar set. This is a four piece wool set that attaches to your head collar, and will give added comfort to your horse for those times when the halter is left on for extended periods.

Horse tack at the Dogwood Saddlery

Dogwood's horse tack collection houses names that are synonymous with style. Whether it's Mark Todd, Amergio, Stubben or Equippe the Dogwood collection is a one stop shop for all your riding needs.

Should you have any questions about anything in our collection, please let us know and we will be more than happy to be of assistance. You can contact Dogwood by telephoning 0845 30 10 365 or by e-mail:

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