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Horse Boots

Horse boots at Dogwood London


Horse boots are used to protect the horse's legs whilst being ridden or while travelling. Many equestrian activities place heavy demands on the muscles and tendons in the horse's legs so boots are used to give extra support. Boots can also be used to correct problems such as over reaching, cutting and brushing. There is a huge range of horse tack available to equestrians, here at Dogwood we have specially selected the finest ones on the market including the world renowned Veredus boots.

Brushing Boots
These are for horses with the tendency to brush their legs together whilst being ridden. With strong 'strike pads' to absorb the shock, brushing boots protect the legs from injury. Boots such as the NEW brushing boot 'Airflow' allow constant airflow across the leg ensuring that the leg stays cool yet well protected.

Tendon boots
Tendon boots, as the name suggests, protect the horse's tendons with a thick pad sewn into the boot which can both correct over reaching and support weak tendons. They are also used in wet, muddy or extreme conditions when extra support is needed to protect the leg from injury. The Mark Todd Leather Carbon Fibre Tendon and Fetlock Boots protect both the front and hind legs. Made from the highest quality French leather, these boots have a more traditional look than the NEW boots.

Over reach boots
Some horses are prone to 'over reaching'. This occurs when the toe of the hind foot strikes into the heel or coronet of the front foot which can cause injury. The over reach boot prevents this by forming a protective shell over the front hooves. Over reach boots are often made from rubber which easily becomes worn and can flip up, so innovative boots such as the Veredus Carbon Shield overreach boot and the NEW over reach boot are the prefered choice for those that want the most innovative and high quality in their horse tack.

Fetlock boots
Similar to the Tendon boot, fetlock boots are designed to give specific protection to the vulnerable fetlock area. The Veredus Pro Jump fetlock boot offers maximum protection while still giving ventilation through its perforated neoprene lining.

Cross Country Boots
These boots offer all round protection which is necessary for hard impact and demanding equestrian sports such as cross country. Also suitable for hunter trials, national hunt racing, team chasing, eventing and hunting, these boots support the cannon bone, tendon and fetlock as well as giving protection from brushing. The groundbreaking design of the NEW X-Country 'Airflow' Boot allows large volumes of air to circulate in a constant flow ensuring the leg remains cool and well ventilated.

Travel boots
Travel boots offer protection from the knocks and bumps that can occur in the horsebox or trailer. The Mark Todd travel boots are easy to clean and made from ultra durable cordura nylon outer with dirt repelling rip-stop nylon lining. They also have built in scuff plates around the base to prevent the fabric from fraying and also help prevent injury to the coronet band.

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