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Martingales And Breastplates

Martingales and breastplates from the Dogwood Collection


Dogwood supply some of the finest pieces of horse tack, saddlery and bridles in the UK, part of our distinguished collection are Mark Todd martingales and breastplates.

Martingales are an attachment to the bridle and are used to help control the horse's head, preventing it from throwing its neck up into the rider's face.

Our catalogue offers a wide range including breastplates from Mark Todd as well as NuuMed woollen breastplate covers for the hunting breastplate.

Martingales tend to be seen in jumping disciplines: eventing, show jumping and hunting, as well as polo - but they are not allowed in dressage as it could be used to help keep the horse's head in a rounded outline.

The two most common types of martingale are standing and running.

Standing martingale

A standing martingale is used successfully in fast-action sports such as polo. It has a single line which attaches to the noseband.

Running martingale

A running martingale uses two lines to attach to the reins, sometimes running through the bit rings before they attach to reins. Both types attach to a breast strap and a line runs from the breast strap to the girth or the surcingle.

Before using a martingale to prevent head tossing, do check there is no other reason causing the problem. It might be that your horse has a dental problem or bad back.


In conjunction with martingales, Dogwood also supplies breastplates, such as the Mark Todd 5 point breastplate. These pieces of horse tack are used on horses to prevent the saddle from sliding back as well as providing the same benefits as martingales. Our range includes superb Mark Todd breastplates and Hunting Breastplates.

The hunting breastplate is the classic piece of horse tack for English riding. Also known as a breastgirth or breastcollar, it can be most helpful on horses with large shoulders and a flat ribcage.


Dogwood Bridles, Martingales & Saddles


Whether it's a new martingale, breastplate or breastcollar that you are after, the Dogwood online horse tack shop is hear to serve all your needs. As one of the foremost online saddleries we make it our job to provide the finest horse tack and riding equipment on the web.

Should you have any questions regarding anything available in our tack shop, please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0845 30 10 365 and they will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.

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HKM - Breastplate With Imitation Diamonds

HKM - Breastplate With Imitation Diamonds
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