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Numnahs & Saddlepads

Fine saddle wear - numnahs, saddle pads and half numnahs


Dogwood understands that horse riders are keen for their animals to be as comfortable as possible while riding, but at the same they want their equine friends to look sleek, polished and very much the smart, top-notch horse.

Ensuring the best possible look - and for horses to enjoy the highest level of back comfort - Dogwood are pleased to supply a splendid range of horse tack and saddlepads from Stubben, Mark Todd and NuuMed.

Types stocked by Dogwood include pads with "risers" that are thicker in the back than the front. Others allow extra room for the withers of the horse – called NuuMed HiWither numnahs and saddlepads.

Some are shaped to compensate for lordosis or swayback. Modern materials are used, including memory foam and gel to absorb shock, and natural wool is used for its outstanding and unrivalled ability to wick moisture and keep the horse comfortable.


Designed to fit under saddles, numnahs and HiWither numnahs act as cushioning below the saddle, protecting pressure points to help care for your horse while riding. Numnahs are saddle-shaped while saddlepads are usually more square or rectangular in design. They tend to be thick and well padded for comfort with your animal's wellbeing at heart - as well as helping to ensure the best ride for you, the rider. Numnahs help prevent chafing and stop saddles cutting into a horse's back. They also keep saddles clean and sweat-free while riding.

Very well thought of in the equestrian industry, Nuumed numnahs are British-made out of British wool and are designed to suit the contours of the horse's body. HiWither designs are especially important because they allow for good clearance of a horse's wither - a sensitive part of the horse. Protective materials that press down on the wither area of a horse can be immensely discomforting.

Dogwood offer a truly excellent collection of superb numnahs – renowned brands such as Nuumed, Mark Todd and Stubben - ranging from the practical for everyday horse riding to beautiful ones suitable for show and competition purposes. Our selection of colours and styles include fine quilted and wool pads to satisfy the tastes and requirements of all riders.


English saddlepads' original purpose was to just protect the saddle from dirt and sweat, because English saddles already had essential padding and protection.

Today, English-style pads are used to adjust saddle balance, to compensate for fit problems and of course to act as a protective cushioning layer between you, the saddle and your horse.

Half numnahs

The name gives away the game here – half numnahs are literally half the size of normal numnahs. Most popular among the show jumping fraternity, half numnahs also attract other horse riders.

Show jumpers often use them on top of a saddlepad, adding a thick layer of protection that helps reduce the impact on the horse during jumping. But this most convenient pad is an attractive purchase for those seeking to reduce bulk when riding. Do consider HiWither half numnahs that maintain protection while remaining a very effective pad for all aspects of riding.


Excellent horse tack… at your convenience


Feel free to browse the Dogwood Collection in our extensive online horse tack catalogue where you have the option to open large colour photographs to examine the various products and styles for those that suit you and your noble steed.

As well as horse tack, we offer a magnificent collection of equestrian equipment and clothing.

For any queries about our numnahs and saddlepads, including advice about selecting this useful and functional item, or for other comprehensive equestrian goods information, please call us now on 0845 3010 365.

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