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The Dogwood equestrian collection - leading reins

Our reins are straps of the finest quality leather and part of the basic horse tack needed by every rider.

A bridle is worn around the horse's head in order to ride and direct the horse effectively and the bit, a mouthpiece for the horse, is the part of the bridle where the reins are attached. The reins extend up from the outside of the bit to meet the rider's hands.

Some types of harness may feature supporting rings which allow the reins to carry over the horse's back. These are particularly useful when a driver needs to control pairs of horses used to draw coaches and carriages.

The functionality of reins

Reins are designed to communicate with and exert control over the horse. A gentle pull on the reins will encourage your horse to stop or change direction. But you must take care not to tug too hard as pulling on the reins also pulls on the bit which in turn pulls the horse's head.

A rein may also be used to lead or guide your horse in a circle around the paddocks when training. This is attached to the halter, headgear fitted over the back of the neck and across the muzzle.

How to hold your Dogwood reins

The relationship between a rider and a horse is one based on trust and understanding. By holding your reins correctly you will be able to ride comfortably and communicate with your horse, guiding it where you want to go and exerting control over its actions without undue force:

  • Hold your left rein in your left hand and right rein in your right hand so as not to shorten or pull on the reins unnecessarily
  • Make sure that the reins are tucked under your fingers
  • Attain a good grip of your reins by pressing your thumb against your forefingers and hold as if you are lightly squeezing a sponge
  • Hold your hands in the thumbs-up position with your palms pointing slightly downwards and your thumbs turned toward each other
  • Relax your wrists and fingers, letting your arms hang naturally without flapping around
  • Try not to hold your hands any further apart than the width of your horse's neck
  • Hold your hands a few inches above the horse, about an inch in front of the saddle
  • To add length lift your thumbs to release the reins
  • To shorten the reins gather the extra length in your other hand

Dogwood reins and horse tack

Dogwood's collection features three types of fine leather reins, suitable for a variety of horse riding activities:

  • Bradoon reins
  • Side reins
  • Split reins

We have all of the fine equestrian equipment that you will need to complete your horse tack, from bridles and bits to girths and martingales. No horse is complete without one of our beautiful range of Dogwood saddles on its back and no rider is complete without our excellent Dogwood jodhpurs, riding jackets and English riding boots. Dogwood, the equestrian equipment and field sports goods specialist is here to fulfil all your horse riding needs.

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