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Riding Crops and Whips

Whips and crops for all horse riding events

The horse whip should be used purely to correct your horse while riding and should never be used to punish or harm your horse. Tapping the horse lightly on the back of the leg or shoulder with the riding whip to encourage forward movement is the recommended use. Some horse whips will require you to remove one hand from the reins in order to do this which is not advisable for novice riders.

All Purpose Riding Whip

Our all-purpose riding whips are ideal for both general horse riding and hacking. These are around 60-75 cm long and come with or without wrist loops which can make them easier for the rider to handle. Our horse whips and crops are available in a range of colours to coordinate with your saddlery and horse tack.  At 68cm long the Mark Todd braided leather riding whip is one of our most popular whips.

Schooling/Dressage Whips

Our ranges of schooling and dressage whips are slimmer and slightly longer than the all-purpose whip, and measure between 90 and 120 cm. The schooling whip is smaller and more taught than a dressage whip. The dressage whip is used behind the leg most regularly by experienced riders when attempting advanced movements.  The Mark Todd braided dressage whip is a great example of a quality leather dressage whip.

Show canes

Show canes are our most decorative style of whips and crops used by horse riders eventing in the show ring. These are short and covered with leather, either with or without a beautiful, ornamental head. You can view the Mark Todd leather Show Cane by clicking here.

Lunge Whip

These are between 150 and 165 cm long with a thong or lash of around the same length. The lunge whip is cracked behind the horse in order to encourage him to move forwards. Some riders view this as a kinder way to ride since the whip does not touch the horse.

Polo Whip

A stiff whip of around 90 cm in length featuring a large end stop. Our polo whips also have a wrist loop means that the rider does not have to take his hand off the reins while playing polo.

Horse Tack to suit every rider at Dogwood

Dogwood's riding whips and crops come in an array of lengths, colours and styles to suit every horse rider for every event. They are made of the finest quality materials, offering a hard wearing resilience, at fantastic prices. Have a look at our other horse tack and equestrian equipment to complete your equestrian shopping experience!

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