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Stirrup Irons And Stirrup Leathers


Quality stirrup irons and leathers at the Dogwood Saddlery

Stirrup leathers and stirrup irons are an essential part of modern horse tack; they are an aid for the rider's control of the horse, as well as comfort in the saddle.

English-style stirrups irons from the Dogwood Collection

Stirrup irons used on saddles tend to be made of metal - and although known as "stirrup irons" they are no longer made of iron. Most are made of stainless steel for strength and durability. If weight is an issue, such as for a jockey, they can be made of aluminium.

Designs of stirrup irons that are different from the standard form usually claim to either be safer in the event of a fall or to make it easier for riders to keep an appropriate foot and leg position.

Dogwood supplies Stubben traditional stirrup irons and leathers, a company manufacturing top quality saddle products for more than 100 years. Stubben offer safety benefits in stirrup design; variations of the usual Stubben stirrup include Stubben fillis stirrup irons and Stubben fillis offset stirrup irons which allow different leg positions that many equestrians prefer.

Choosing the right stirrup iron

It is important to choose stirrup irons that are the right size for your feet and riding boots. If your stirrups are too small, your feet could easily get caught. Too large, then your feet may come out. Stirrup irons are the right size if there is around an inch of space between your foot and one side of the stirrup.

There are two types of safety stirrups that are used by some riders. One of these, a peacock stirrup, has an elasticated loop that constitutes one wall of the stirrup, which acts as a quick release system. The other is a bent stirrup, which has a kink on the outside that allows more room for the foot to come out of the stirrup.

It can be very dangerous if a horse throws a rider and the rider has a foot caught in the stirrup, as the rider may be dragged along beside the horse. Dogwood is keen to point out that it is very important to choose the right size stirrup irons.

Stirrup leathers

Stirrup leathers, like the Stubben NT stirrup leather, are usually wrapped around a nylon core to stop them stretching when being ridden in. Especially important is their ability to suit the rider and saddle, in terms of size, colour and style. Luckily for you, the range of Stubben stirrup leathers at the Dogwood saddlery has colours, sizes and styles to suit even the most discerning horse rider.

Traditional and safety stirrups

An extensive range of high quality stirrups and stirrup leathers are available for purchase from the Dogwood online saddlery. So that you can enjoy riding your horse in comfort and style, we stock only the very best equestrian clothing, tack and accessories.

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