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Hunt Tack

Hunt Tack

Choosing the correct horse tack is quite possibly the most important thing when it comes to riding your horse and when preparing to go out hunting. Quality hunting equipment such as bridles, saddles and breastplates are a priority to keep you and your horse safe and protected, especially out on the hunting field where events can be unpredictable.

Hunting Bridles

When preparing your tack to go hunting, choosing the correct bridle for your horse is of the highest importance. When out on the field the last thing you want is a broken bridle with a snapped piece of leather or any rough leather against your horses ears.

However, you also need to think about your horse’s behaviour and what he needs. Does he open his mouth to avoid the bit? If so, you may consider an English made Frank Baines Crank Flash Bridle.

At Dogwood, we have a selection of beautiful and practical fox hunting equipment for you to choose from.


A hunt can be an extremely long day for both you and your horse. It’s likely, even if your horse is clipped that over a day’s hunting they will sweat so it’s important to remember to use the best products to keep your horse happy.

The hand made in England Frank Baines Atherstone Girth is a perfect example of the piece of equipment that should be used out on the hunting field. The natural sheepskin liner is idea for soaking up sweat over a long day while keeping irritation to the skin at a minimum. How would I wash it I hear you saying? Well, the sheepskin part is removable as it has a Velcro backing so you can just pop it into the washing machine after use and it’ll be as good as new for next time!

Perhaps if you are looking for something to make your current girths somewhat more ‘hunt friendly’. The problem of the freshly clipped horse with sensitive skin being out all day with a rubbing girth could cut your day short; however investing in a NuuMed Wool Girth Sleeve could solve your problem keeping your girth comfortable and rub-free all day long.


If your out on the hunt and your saddle slips back, you’re going to find yourself in trouble until there is sufficient time to stop, pop off and reposition the saddle. However, there is a simple solution; the Mark Todd 5 Point Breastplate. Made to keep your saddle in place with equal pressure around your horse’s chest, the 5 point breastplate is the answer to your horse’s prayers by keeping the saddle still and allowing a clear airway to carry on with his job all day, the 5 point breastplate is a must have on the hunting field.

Horse Boots

Protecting your horse while out hunting is a must for horse owners. Riding through the country over all types of terrain and jumping fences can cause problems if your horse doesn’t have the right protection. The Mark Todd Leather Carbon Fibre Boots protect both front and hind legs while looking extremely smart, traditional and durable out on a days hunt.


At Dogwood, we have a huge range of products to suit both you and your horse as best as possible; from bridles, to NuuMed numnahs through to the stirrups and stirrup irons. For any information or a helping hand on choosing the right product for you, do not hesitate to call one of knowledgeable and friendly members of the Dogwood team on 0845 3010365.

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