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Jodhpur boots

Top quality jodhpur boots at Dogwood


The Dogwood countryside footwear collection features a range of boots to suit all manner of outdoor activities including shooting, horse riding, walking and stalking. Part of our collection is dedicated to a particular type of equestrian footwear, the jodhpur boot.

Favoured for their versatility and practicality, jodhpur boots are a popular choice amongst many equestrians and Dogwood’s online range has the finest selection of boots on offer. As opposed to the riding boot, jodhpur boots (also known as yard boots or paddock boots and often mistakenly spelt "jodphur boots"), are short in length, reaching only to the ankle which makes them more suitable for everyday yard activities such as mucking out, schooling and hacking. Worn with half chaps or gaiters, jodhpur boots give just the same amount of support as the traditional full length boot yet are far less cumbersome and restrictive.

Dogwood London for comfort and style

Jodhpur boots come with several different fastenings to choose from; the rear zip, front zip, side zip, lacing and pull-on. The diversity of the Dogwood range caters for every taste. Whilst many jod boots are traditional elasticised pull-ons, others have extra fastenings to ensure a more secure and comfortable fit as well as giving the boots extra flair and panache.

Lace up boots

Lace up boots give a more stylish edge to the traditional elastic pull-on boot and allow a more secure and supportive fit. The beautifully crafted Traiano from the De Niro range shows how jodhpur boots don't have to be all about practicality. With grain calfskin leather upper and lining, the boot exudes Italian style making it as suitable for a trip to the bar as a hack in the woods.

Zip up boots

Another departure from the classic pull-on, the zip up boot brings a more modern edge to the jod boot. The HKM boot with front zip is affordable and good looking. Its waterproof sole ensures you'll never be left with wet feet while the front zip gives the boot a stylish finish and makes it easy to don and doff.

Pull on boots

The Tredstep Contour jodhpur boot on the other hand retains the classic pull-on fastening and has an elegant design thanks to its timeless simplicity. Its unique and innovative foot bed incorporates advanced sports technology to provide unbeatable support and comfort ensuring that you never have to come home from a day at the stables with sore feet. With its large loops at both the back and front of the boot, it glides easily over the foot ensuring an effortless removal.

If you would like further information about our collection of jodhpur boots, please call 0845 30 10 365.



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