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Long riding boots

Long riding boots in the Dogwood collection


Long leather riding boots are part of the staple attire for the equestrian rider. They not only give an outward appearance of style and luxury, they also aid in the rider achieving a perfect balance and harmony with their horse. They are even required in some higher levels of competition.

Leather riding boots have and always will prosper over their rubber counterparts, just as much as Italian styling and craftsmanship effortlessly outdoes anything their international rivals produce. You only have to look at the sleek lines of a Brogini, De Niro or Sergio Grasso leather riding boot to realize you are not merely buying a long leather riding boot, you are buying a piece of artwork which is to be admired as much as it is to be ridden in.

The leather riding boots of yesteryear used to be made of coarser, harder leather that required hours of riding-in and oiling in order to supple the leather. Nowadays, with the advent of special leather treatments and innovative crafting techniques, you can enjoy superior quality Italian riding boots with leather that is much smoother and softer.

In addition, many of the long leather riding boots in the Dogwood London collection are crafted from calfskin; this is a leather that is so soft and supple to the touch that once the boots are donned you will get the feel of an already worn in boot that fits like a glove and rides like your most comfortable pair of worn in shoes.

Depending on your particular equestrian discipline, the long leather riding boots that you require will differ somewhat in their styling. The two categories that one can choose from are field boots and dress boots. Field boots are designed to suit the hunt person and jumper alike and the lacing, although decorative, is also designed to aid flexion in the ankle when jumping.

On the other hand, a dress boot is a classically shaped boot with defined lines, often shaped to accentuate the length and positioning of the leg for stylised and positional purposes. The dress boot is used throughout the equestrian disciplines and is especially prevalent in pure dressage.

The finest quality long leather riding boots

The Dogwood London collection houses the finest quality, most elegantly styled Italian-crafted long leather riding boots from Brogini, Sergio Grasso and De Niro. It is our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to purchase a beautifully crafted boot that fits their exact requirements both in size and styling.

In addition to our long leather riding boots, the Dogwood London collection also has a range of other fine quality equestrian and field sports goods which include saddles and bridles, riding jackets, jodhpurs, jodhpur boots, riding hats, wax jackets, Wellington boots and dressage shirts from the most prestigious manufacturers.

If you would like further information about the long leather riding boots in the Dogwood collection, please telephone us on 0845 30 10 365.


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