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Shooting Jackets

Shooting Jackets


We all know how unpredictable the UK's weather can be. Glorious sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next; it's a quintessential part of British life. Immunity to such an erratic weather system has been bred into us for generations it's something we grin and bear with a straight back, stiff upper lip and bit of good old British humour. If it wasn't for British weather what would be left to talk about? We can't let a drop of rain or a gust of wind spoil the thing that we love, and so it's vital that we invest in a shooting jacket that's suitable for even the most extreme of weather conditions.

Feeling chilled to the bone and being sodden to the skin is the last thing you want when out on a shoot, whether it's hunting for quarry, game or pheasant, or perhaps even clay pigeon and skeet shooting. That's why country clothing that has the ability to keep you both warm and dry is imperative for any fieldsports and outdoor pursuit's enthusiast.

However, there's far more to it than that. Waterproofing and warmth are key requirements for any shooting jacket, but the very nature of fieldsports requires an ability to move without restriction, constraint and sound. Here at Dogwood we have an extensive range of shooting jackets and fieldsports goods that are designed specifically so that you'll forget you've even got one on. So comfortable and breathable are they that you'll have total freedom of movement and find yourself able to perform to your absolute best.

Comfortable, practical, waterproof and warm - what more can you want from a shooting jacket? Well, if you're choosing from Dogwood's Sasta range, you'll be wearing a jacket that uses technically advanced fabrics and has stylish and practical features that are combined with the world renowned Gore-Tex technology. All this will guarantee you will get admiring glances from your shooting companions.

All the Sasta jackets we stock are engineered by the very best Finnish designers and combine traditional refinement with a touch of modern panache and technology, resulting in a garment of unmatched elegance. Comfortable, practical, waterproof, warm and fashionable - now that's the type of shooting jacket you want. So take a look at Dogwood's range of fine shooting jackets today for your chance to own the very best in high quality fine country clothing.

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