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Shooting trousers & breeks - stylish and durable fine country clothing

Dogwood London are specialists in shooting and field sports goods, offering a collection of the finest country clothing that is comfortable and combines style with durability, and stocking everything from shooting trousers and breeks to shooting jackets and trap vests.

Offering a diverse but quality selection of the finest traditional country clothing, Dogwood, as a leading retailer, is able to offer for a wide range of excellent shooting gear from the likes of Sasta and Aigle, including shooting jumpers, trousers, jackets and breeks, to shooting boots and stalking boots.

Our country clothing is composed of the most advanced fibres and fabrics using traditional skills and craftmanship to produce highly durable, long lasting goods of the highest quality and in traditional styles.

Outdoor trousers from Dogwood

To focus on the field sports that you prefer, it is important to choose extremely comfortable trousers that allow you to move with ease and are strong and durable with lasting protection from the weather.

Sasta trousers are designed very much with the active field sports lover in mind when out of the city. They are very versatile so can be perfect for just about every outdoor pastime.

Totally windproof, waterproof and breathable, with a soft, rustle-free nature that will not scare your quarry, these top notch outdoor trousers are offered for ladies and men.


Breeks is the Scots term for trousers. Similar to plus fours but a neater, trimmer fit, they are often used for the activities of taking pheasant, duck, partridge and other game birds, as well as deer stalking.

To emanate pure sporting style, shooters can visit the Dogwood country clothing collection of mens and ladies breeks where we offer the finest examples.

We consider our Sasta breeks for ladies to be among the softest, warmest and most comfortable you can buy. These ladies' breeks are waterproof, windproof, breathable and superbly adapted for outdoor life.

Our Sasta breeks for men are equally prepared for the elements while being lightweight and easy-to-pack. Men's breeks are ideal for those fellows who love field sports and like their attire to allow easy movement so that you can concentrate all your efforts on your game.

Dogwood London shooting clothing collection

It is very easy to browse our extensive range at home or in the office because you can shop online at your leisure and take your time. We strive to meet the demands of the experienced outdoor specialist.

Offering probably the finest country clothing for field sports, Dogwood provides men and women who participate in field sports with a choice of shooting trousers made to high standards that they have come to expect.

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