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Wellington Boots

Hard wearing, comfortable Wellington boots


Wellington boots are an essential piece of country clothing and are popular with horse riders and country lovers alike. They are perfect when mucking out or when trudging across a muddy field to fill a water trough, and nearly all horse riders own a pair.

Wellington boots

The thick, chunky soles of Wellington boots are excellent for getting a good grip when there is ice on the ground or when there is a slippery patch of mud.

As they are made from durable rubber, Aigle wellington boots are completely waterproof so they are perfect for people who spend a lot of time in fields and on muddy bridle paths during or after periods of rain. They are usually calf length, protecting the lower leg from deep mud or water and splashes.

There are a variety of popular linings to make Wellington boots as comfortable as possible. These include cotton, leather, neoprene and outlast. Leather and cotton both provide a natural, comfortable choice, whilst neoprene and outlast have excellent insulating properties.

Wellingtons are ideal for mucking out the stable or walking in the fields. However, most riders choose to use riding boots rather than Wellington boots when they are out on their horse because the chunkiness of wellies may cause the rider's foot to get stuck in the stirrup in the event of a fall. Wellington boots are not accepted as appropriate footwear for any riding competitions.

Comfortable, durable wellies

We have a large range of comfortable, high quality Aigle Wellington boots to keep your legs and feet warm and dry when you are out and about in the rain. We also have a range of colourful Aigle childrens wellies that are perfect for puddle-jumping, as well as traditional green Wellingtons for both men and women.

Our main range are manufactured by Aigle, the renowned French brand. Bearing the iconic Aigle logo the Aigle welly is a must have country footwear accessory.


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