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Shooting Accessories

Sasta shooting accessories at Dogwood

The Dogwood shooting and field sports goods collection offers a range of beautiful Sasta shooting accessories for the keen sportsman. What better way to make an impression then to turn up with matching shooting luggage, including rifle sleeve, cartridge case and leather carry bag?

Well, now you can, for the range of Sasta shooting accessories covers all angles and is crafted from premium quality Argentinean leather.

Rifle sleeve

To store and protect your beloved rifle, the Sasta rifle sleeve is a must for the serious rifleman. Crafted to be both waterproof and hardwearing, you will feel safe in the knowledge that, when out on a shoot, your rifle will be kept secure while you move into position.

Cartridge case

The ultimate luxury accessory for the true huntsman, a good quality cartridge case simply makes one feel special. The Tira cartridge case has division sections that are removable so you can pick and choose what you want to hold in each compartment. With box stitched reinforced joints there’s no risk of this case suffering from the rigours of a day's shoot.

Carry bag

For a shooting weekend away, a good quality carry bag is essential for all your necessities. The Sasta Kettu carry bag is ideal for this, as not only is it great looking and beautifully hand crafted, it is also available in two sizes so you can pick and choose whether you want the larger 80L capacity bag, or a smaller 60L version. Shooting and field sports goods and equestrian equipment Along with our shooting accessories we have an outstanding collection of shooting and field sports goods, from Sasta shooting jackets to hunting boots that will make sure you are fully kitted out for your chosen field sport.

We also have a range of Aigle wellington boots for men, women and children that will come in handy for working out of doors and taking part in leisure activities in the countryside. Our fine country clothing collection and equestrian equipment range, including the finest saddlery and horse tack, is unsurpassed; remember, Dogwood is number one for quality and style.

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