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Tweed Clothing

Tweed Clothing at Dogwood


At Dogwood we are delighted to offer you stunning high quality Tweed clothing. Our chosen range has all been beautifully tailored in England out of the finest tweed cloth; so whether it’s a day at the races, a spot of retail therapy at Badminton or lunch with the girls, we have tweed coats and tweed jackets to meet all your demands.

Originally named Twill, Tweed is a rough unfinished woollen fabric of a flexible texture. As the story goes, in c.1830 a London merchant received a letter from a Hawick firm regarding some Twill fabric. Misinterpreting the handwriting and understanding the name to have been taken from the River Tweed that flows through the Scottish border’s textile area, the name Tweed has remained ever since.

Tweed Jackets

Dogwood stocks some of the most fashionable Tweed jackets money can buy.  They all share the traditional looks you get from Tweed clothing together with cutting edge styles that flatter the wearer.  So when you are required to stand out from crowd we are here to help.  Our ranges of Tweed jackets have been tailored for exceptional high quality perfection, to name but a few, we have the short military jacket and pirate jackets all crafted in England from 100% wool.

Tweed Coats

Our selection of Tweed coats have been inspired by past fashions, picking out the best bits, revamping them and finishing in the finest Tweed. Examples of this can be seen in the Long Tweed Trench coat and the womens long Tweed military coat. Both have been tailored for a fitting elegant wear. It is important to note that all our designs are based on how they make you feel when you wear them.

Tweed Skirts

Modern Tweed skirts are the hype of fashion at the moment. Dogwood’s range of Tweed skirts have been designed to bring the country to the town. If you are looking for an over the knee skirt or just under then you will find it here. In an array of Tweed colour choices, length, style and size we are sure you’ll find what you are looking for!

For friendly and knowledgeable advice, please feel free to give us a ring on 0845 30 10 365.

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