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Womens Tweed Coats

Womens Tweed Coats


Investing in quality, luxury piece of tweed clothing can give you garments that last you season after season while keeping fashionable with its classic style.

Tweed is a perfect cross over between country and high end fashion, combining your lifestyle and your fashion choices. At Dogwoood, our tweed coats are the perfect twist of country and high end fashion.

The Women’s Long Tweed Military Coat is just right for formal occasions yet chic and trendy enough for the high street or country affairs. Its narrow, elegant fit comes from the finest British tailoring while being made in England from 100% wool.

Dogwood’s collection of tweed coats doesn’t stop there. A faultless piece of tweed clothing is the Women’s Tweed Long Trench Coat with its original twists to keep it contemporary while classic enough to stay in your wardrobe for seasons to come.

At Dogwood we have a stunning range of tweed clothing; should you need any helpful advise about any of our range you can call one of our knowledgeable staff on 0845 30 10 365.

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